Our experts help organizations with their critical fact finding when they need to conduct internal investigations or to examine allegations of wrongdoing. Whether or not actual misconduct is discovered, such inquiries, and their aftermath, can pose serious risks to companies and their stakeholders, damaging their reputation, disrupting their business operations and exposing them to government scrutiny, as well as to potential criminal, civil and regulatory liability. 



Omni offers experienced job site and workplace safety consultants that provide workplace health and safety implementation, workplace safety training and OSHA compliance training


To aid your business or organization in achieving a reduction of incident rates and a higher standard of health and safety in the workplace, our Safety Consultants will provide Workplace Safety Training to your organization in the following areas.


  • Supervisory workplace safety training

  • Employee workplace safety training and involvement

  • Hazard Identification

  • Risk Assessments and Corrective Actions

  • Incident case management

  • Position Assessments

  • Return to Work programs












Physical security design relates to the doors, locks, windows, lighting, barriers, walls, and landscaping. Omni Security personnel are experts in physical security, enabling them to provide guidance and value to clients. Comprehensive security solutions developed by Omni for your organization address, assess, and manage risk, to protect structures, property, and the people who occupy them.


Omni is a complete security solutions provider. Our experts apply knowledge gained from decades of planning and designing secure facilities throughout the world. We understand the range of security risks, and stay current on available methods, technologies and equipment to anticipate and solve these risks.


We provide:

  • Security Assessment, Needs and Analysis

  • Workplace Violence Solutions

  • Security Systems Review, Design, Bidding and Construction

  • Operations and Implementation

  • Specialized Services (Ask how we can help you with your challenges)





Omni has extensive experience working with merchants, acquirers, financial institutions and service providers to assess, design, improve and bring to market new solutions for CNP (eCommerce & telephone) payments and fraud prevention. Our focus is on assessments and strategy development related to:


  • Risk & Fraud Consulting - "Reduce risk and fraud without impacting sales."

  • Payment Consulting - "Selecting and integrating new payment types, going international, supporting multiple processors, process automation and sales conversion optimisation"

  • Market Assessments - "Determining payment and fraud solution provider market position, go-to-market strategies and competitive product/solution mix."




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